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Car windows

Many cars have shaded windows to create more privacy for you and your co-drivers. The shaded windows inhibit people to look into your car which provides safety and can even prevent burglary. For car windows we have a wide variety of materials, from light shaded to security-shaded foils which strengthen the windows to make bashing in nearly impossible. Click on the button below to request an informal and quick proposal for our car window shades.

Window tints
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Just like insulation in a wall give our window shades thermic insulation for your windows. Better insulation during winter and better protection from the sun during summer. This saves your house energy and helps in a sustainable environment.


Shaded windows can reduce up to 80% of the incoming sunlight to provide you with a comfortable work environment. Inconvenient reflections on your computer screen can also be greatly reduced.


Sun-blocking window foil blocks the most dangerous UV-Radiations up to 99.9%. It protects your interior against fading and your body against skin cancer.


Safety window foil reduces the danger and damage caused by broken glass.

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