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Advertising on the building façade

Advertising on the building façade gives your building a proper noticeable look. Illuminated or not illuminated, luxurious or budget, permanent or replaceable, everything is possible.

Illuminated advertisement

By using a wide variety of profiles and illumination options we can make your logo or text show in a way that fits with your company image. This can be achieved by either box letters or a illumination box.

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We use high quality LED lights in our products and also often convert older illuminated advertisements to these LED lights, an investment that will be earned back quickly and that won’t need your attention afterwards.

Banners & Frames

Temporary build/sales frames, banner frames, if you want your advertisement against a frontage or as a nice picture system in your garden. Banners can be manufactured in exactly the size you need. We also supply a fitting frame in a diverse number of ways. Banners are often used for announcements and temporary presentations. Beside that it can also be a very good item to use to brighten up your booth at a conference. Thanks to a simple piping frame, it can be easily reused and be moved from a to b. This makes it a medium with a lot of possibilities.


Can your company be properly found? An important point for your company. A visitor likes to find you without too much hassle to find you. Signage is an important aspect to achieve just that. Signage is not only for your customers but also for your suppliers. A streamlined route is useful for your company, customers and suppliers and will eventually save time for everyone involved.

Advertisement signs

A sign on a construction site or a small sign in the garden where a gardener is working. Advertisement signs come in all shapes and sizes and in are available in a lot of materials at Jordans. Associations that are looking for a easy to use but modern system to swap signs can also come to us.

Flagpoles & banners

A flag or banner gives an extra boost to the appearance of your company. Beside that it can also increase the amount of people noticing your company because of the movement in their view.

We’d love to work with you and give you accurate advice about the possibilities for your company. We like to look at your ideas and apply our expertise to it to come to a joint perfect solution for your company. For more information, impressions and advice we’d like to invite you to our showroom.